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Tips for dating intp

Second, there’s a major tendency to ‘double down’ on being so much smarter than everyone else, and therefore being dismissive.No one – and I mean NO ONE – puts as much thought into things like an INTJ does, according to the INTJ.It can be a source of frustration that not everyone automatically sees the full extent of this, though they are often considered by people who know them to be ‘very smart’.This gives birth to a couple of other things that just become “INTJ Problems.” First, as a society we tend to glamorize raw computing power, but we don’t have a lot of love for people who come up with solutions that mean we have to change stuff. unless those problem-solvers are putting dollar bills into our pockets.Because of their introverted nature, there’s a strong need to be acknowledged and given credit, but without the indignity of having to do cartwheels.Remember when I said they outclass almost everyone in three very socially recognized forms of intelligence?

But unlike INFJs, they don’t couple this with a Co-Pilot that checks in with others emotional experience.

But most cultures diminish the importance of these styles.

To truly understand an INTJ it’s important to realize that they are almost always ‘the smartest person in the room’ in the ways that we all have been socially programmed to recognize “smart.” This is a double-edged sword. To protect the squishy, nougat-like center, of course.

(If you’re a Myers-Briggs geek, the primary cognitive function for this type is Introverted Intuition, the secondary is Extraverted Thinking, the tertiary is Introverted Feeling and the inferior is Extraverted Sensing.) If you look at most profiles about the INTJ personality type, they’ll focus on the Mastermind quality of the INTJ.

Long range strategy, designing truly complex systems that can be replicated, finding the weaknesses in infrastructure…

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Regardless, most INTJs are not utilizing the full wattage of their problem-solving, think tanking abilities.

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