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Others said it made the girls targets of would-be rapists. But we won't stop; it's been 10 years now and we're still going strong," she said.Many young girls were being abused at home or by people close to their families and were afraid to talk to their parents about it, she added.We are a lost generation which is why we have a dying society," she said.Africans, she said, should not sit back and wait for Europe to find solutions to their problems, but should rather be looking for their own solutions, "because we are the ones who are hardest hit by the Aids pandemic".

People aren't raped because they are virgins, but because of the evil on the rapist's mind.

"There is a clash of the new and indigenous religions.

In black culture young boys and girls received sex education in puberty. We had our own social norms, but people no longer respect those norms and values." What started as a small organisation in rural Mpendle in 1994 has spread across the province, from the South Coast to Zululand, and even Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.

The practice of ukuhlola died out during the past century, but has made a comeback in various areas of South Africa, including Kwa Zulu-Natal, in recent years.

South Africa has the highest number of people living with HIV and Aids in the world, with one in 10 people believed to be infected.

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The growth of her organisation has not been easy, as there have been many detractors along the way.