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Quotes about intimidating people

I really don't have time to let shorter people get me upset about my height and the same goes to you all.If shorter people are upset with me being this tall that suggests they're carrying a grudge for my height.My friend jessica has these lace-up shoes that are like converse but they're 5 inch heels. I know I can't change my height but I'd love to have a perfect pair of pants and awesome shoes. I've always been the tallest and sometimes it can get it the way, but overall I love it and it has given me more convidence. As a tall woman (6'3.5"), I have experienced a great deal of difficulty in mixed sports.However the scary part is the doctor said that I'm not done growing yet!! Then ppl at parties were always like "how tall are you? It really gets to you and worrying if I am going to still grow is always on my mind. I just hope that everyone else catches up with me sumtime soon. I've always been insecure about my height and was called some mean things in highschool but it has made me the strong, compassionate, and beautiful person that I am today and I now feel so grateful to be unique. I do fencing, in which training is often mixed, and like earlier in my life, often I am the "standard" that men feel they must beat - it is quite common to have most of the guys in a club cheering on whoever is fencing me to "not let the side down" - which to me is idiotic because at tournaments I fence only women - but this is similar to mixed PE classes of high school where even if guys didn't win, at least they "beat Elizabeth" - of course, when fencing young girls in the club, who may be 5'3" and size 4 it is often implied that I am a "bully" or "taking unfair advantage" because I do physically loom over them (I always take excessive care).I also have size 15 women's shoe and that is really hard, expecally since I have 8th grade graduation this year! And remember being tall is a good thing and never take it for granted! :) It has taught me to not feel sorry for myself for being "different", because what is really important is being healthy, free, and kind=happiness.. I get along fine with all the women, it is just the guys who seem to have such a strong reaction - sometimes getting very angry, sometimes with me, if they can't win against me.Kayla Hi, my name is Monica and I'm really tall for a 14 year old (5'10"). I really don't understand why my height is such a personal challenge to them and though I am often bruised, injuried or even cut or bleeding due to thier attacks - it is assumed because of my size that I can "take it" while if any of the small and "dainty" girls get bruised, everyone rushes in concern.Regular department stores rarely carry the correct length and I just went through hell trying to find some good tall and reasonably priced gym pants (local ASU book store).Anyway to the ladies: "Stand tall and confident and walk into the room like you own the place - you will get a lot of admirers that way."Hey everyone, I was having a particularly bad day with height issues when I came across this forum!

I'm 6" flat and have size 12 feet and I grow to absolutely loving it.

The weird thing is I have small feet for my height, size 7, which look like stubs at the end of long poles! My best friend is 6'0" and we go on hunts for long pants allll the time, but when it comes right down to it, people are always saying our height suits us and that we look great!

When I was younger, people used to say rude things but I found that went away as I got older!

In Greece there are no shops that are selling clothes for people taller than 1.80cm.

Through internet it is a little bit risky, mostly with the different sizes from country to country.

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You look long and lean, it helps in a lot of sports, modeling... how many people are going to jump you in the alley if you're huge?? I actually love being this tall minus a couple of exceptions.

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