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Ninemsn dating now

If you’re planning to spend spring break either working for a drug cartel or joining the Mexican Army, then by all means you should think twice about coming here.

Consumers of American media could easily get the impression that Mexico is a blood-soaked killing field, when in fact the bulk of the drug violence is happening near the border.

Unfortunately, it happened six years too late; the country was Mexico; the mission, spring break; and the young people at risk were Tenet’s college age son and his friends.

And this time, it was State that was being unnecessarily alarmist. issued a travel advisory for Mexico that was, by bureaucratic memo standards, rather breathless: “Mexican drug cartels are engaged in an increasingly violent conflict – both among themselves and with Mexican security services – for control of narcotics trafficking routes along the U.

According to the State Dept., 669 Americans died “non-natural deaths” in Mexico in the three years between Jan ’05 and Dec ’07, which accounts for 30% of “non-natural” American deaths around the world.

Sounds scary, but then Mexico also accounts for 30% of the foreign trips taken by Americans, so what do you expect?

Fifteen died of drug overdoses and 61 Americans – nine percent of the total – committed suicide!

We’ve been hearing for years how American kids are falling behind in math and statistics, so I’ll try to keep the following simple as I can.S.-Mexico border…Some recent Mexican army and police confrontations with drug cartels have resembled small-unit combat, with cartels employing automatic weapons and grenades. citizens have been trapped and temporarily prevented from leaving the area…The situation in northern Mexico remains fluid; the location and timing of future armed engagements cannot be predicted.” The phrase “large fire fights” tends to have a cooling effect on the tourism trade, and sure enough, colleges across the US have started warning students against spending spring break in a “war zone.” I have lived in Querétaro, Mexico, for two-and-a-half years.Large firefights have taken place in many towns and cities across Mexico but most recently in northern Mexico, including Tijuana, Chihuahua City and Ciudad Juarez. My city is about 450 miles from the nearest beach, and farther still from the nearest wet t-shirt contest, and so I don’t have any particular interest in persuading a swarm of horny teenagers to come survive for a week on tequila shooters.Following the rebranding of its television assets in November 2015, Nine Entertainment rebranded Ninemsn to au on 28 June 2016.Ninemsn's sub-brand sites were also rebranded to incorporate the Nine brand as 9Coach, 9Elsewhere, 9Finance, 9The Fix, 9Homes, 9Honey, 9Kitchen, 9Lifestyle and 9Pickle respectively.

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As part of the arrangement, Microsoft signed a long term strategic partnership agreement, whereby Mi9 will continue to represent Microsoft’s suite of advertising products.