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Indexdating com

The inclination of many adult cats is to act aggressively, (with some outright attacking a stranger cat), to try to make it go away, or to run away from it in fear. Other cats might be cautious but curious, seemingly open to accepting the other cat.Various factors can impact how a particular pair of cats will respond to one another.Therefore, a slow, carefully managed introduction over many days, or even weeks, sometimes months, is needed to give the best possible outcome.To just plop a new cat in with a resident cat can lead to a disaster. Introducing young kittens (under 5 months) to adult cats requires some special considerations, primarily for the safety of the kitten.

Many of the same techniques used to introduce two adult cats are used, but there are also some important differences.Click on the names for each step below to get more details about that step and the reasons for doing those steps.Stay on each step for as many days, weeks, or even months, as necessary for your particular combination of cats.But until the two cats are actually confronting one another, one can't really know ahead of time how it will be.Each pairing is going to be different, since cats are all individuals, with various personalities, histories, and temperaments. Cats need some help from humans to adjust to each other peacefully and less stressfully.

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Sometimes one cat will not abide a certain other cat at all, going to attack it at any chance, but, that same aggressive cat might accept a certain other cat.

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